"Goliath" - Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil

GOLIATH (Lyrics) We've been advised that you're not very nice, that you're telling the world you own us We hear you're saying that our season is through 'cause you've got to pay the devil his due KEEP YOUR NOSE UP ATTITUDE'S KING WHEN YOU GET HIT YOU WON'T FEEL A THING YOU'VE BEEN ON A ROLL PUSHING US AROUND HERE'S YOUR HIGH FIVE NOW YOU'RE GOING DOWN We're all aware that you don't play fair, but we're done trying to appease you You wanna run it like you already won it I think you've got amnesia KEEP YOUR NOSE UP...

Goliath – Steve Taylor & the Perfect Foil April 26, 2015

Some things we do for the money, for the happy cabbage, and some we do because of an itch. Jonathan’s long-time collaborator, Steve Taylor approached him to help promote a new record “Goliath,” and the itch immediately became evident. It had been a while since Richter had “fired up” the animation table, and this was the perfect opportunity to draw. A lot. Using his children as motion reference, Jonathan animated walk cycles traditionally, and then painted every frame of each cycle before assembling them all in After Effects.

The rider in the piece was based on the Russian folk character “Koshchey the Deathless,” a sorcerer who rides naked through the wilderness of the Caucus Mountains, shrieking as he goes.



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