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Animation is defined as "Things that have no right to move, given the ability to do so. Convinces children that the improbable is probable and old men that it is ok to weep openly at the prospect that nothing is as it seems."

Visual Effects

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Puts a little bit of frosting and sprinkles on your "reality cake." Anything from set extension, to actor replacement, to novel cg elements integrated into shot footage, visual effects does for film what Vanna does for "Wheel.'"


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Not just referring to greeenscreen, compositing can include rotoscoping, difference mattes, chromakeying... the tool belt is heavy but nimble, and all pointed to making them think it was there all along.

Motion Tracking

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Covers anything from performance capture to scene tracking (making sure that your composited elements look like they're right there in your moving camera footage).


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Helps everyone see the vision of a project before a production really kicks in to gear and money really starts being spent.

Conceptual Design

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Drawing from project reference and parameters, conceptual design finds it's way through anything from sketches to full renderings of environments, characters, and set pieces.

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Public Paintings a parade of delights!

In an attempt to keep the cobwebs at bay, Richter paints in public spaces frequently. Below are snapshots of the result...

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